JazzCD.NO – 4th set

We proudly present volume four of, which shows the variety, the versatility and the quality of jazz in Norway as of 2010.

Jazz from Norway 2010

The Norwegian Jazz Forum is the main organisation for musicians, festivals and clubs working with jazz in Norway. The aim of the organisation is to present information about Norwegian jazz in Norway and abroad. In close cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have produced the compilation CDs for promotional use internationally. The first compilation was made in 2002. – 4th set is part four.

This triple CD gives a good picture of the Norwegian jazz scene today, ranging from traditional jazz, swing and mainstream to more modern forms, including what has come to be known as the Nordic sound.

“A diversity of musical approaches so broad that each one provides a different definition of what ‘Norwegian Jazz’ can be. Yes, there are qualities we associate with Norwegian jazz, but not all these performances share them, instead they collectively reveal how the spirit of jazz has been successfully harnessed as a means of human expression that at times can be moving, heart warming, profound, exciting, fanciful or sad. In short, these performances collectively reflect the whole range of human emotion, and you can’t ask more of music than that.” (Liner notes – 4th set by Stuart Nicholson)

There are also links to the various artists’ websites at

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Norway at Jazzahead

Liv Andrea Hauge Trio, Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen Quartet, Oddgeir Berg trio and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra with Marianna Sangita Røe are the Norwegian artists in Jazzahead's official showcase program this year. Norsk Jazzforum and Music Norway will as usual be present at the trade fair area.