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Norsk Jazzforum (Njf) is a non-profit organisation uniting the Norwegian jazz scene and working to improve terms and conditions politically and artistically on behalf of the community. Njf was founded in 1953, and the organization as we know it today merged from the Norwegian Jazz Federation (jazz clubs), the association for Norwegian jazz musicans and the Norwegian jazz scene (concert and tour promotor) back in 1997.

Norsk jazzforum’s primary goal is to ensure widespread distribution of Norwegian jazz nationally and internationally. The organisation receives public funding which is directly distributed to the Norwegian jazz community through tour and project support for musicians/bands, promotors, and big bands. Norsk Jazzforum also do various projects for and with its members, on their own or in co-operation with other organisations.

Members are currently five regional jazz centers, 30 jazz festivals, 90 jazz clubs, 140 big bands, 700 professional musicians, 100 jazz students as well as the jazz academies in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

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Norway at Jazzahead

Liv Andrea Hauge Trio, Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen Quartet, Oddgeir Berg trio and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra with Marianna Sangita Røe are the Norwegian artists in Jazzahead's official showcase program this year. Norsk Jazzforum and Music Norway will as usual be present at the trade fair area.