This Is Our Music

At Jazzahead 2019 Norsk jazzforum launched the brand new book THIS IS OUR MUSIC, edited by Rob Young, about the Norwegian scene.

THIS IS OUR MUSIC is a state of the nation report on the hugely diverse and exciting spectrum of jazz in Norway. It features great writing and insights from some of Norway´s best music critics, commissioned by Jazznytt – Norway´s one and only magazine dedicated to jazz in all its forms, and published for the first time in English. Featuring interviews, essays and a special guide to the 60 most essential jazz albums in Norway since 1963. THIS IS OUR MUSIC offers convincing proof that the state of jazz in Norway is strong.

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Norway at Jazzahead

Liv Andrea Hauge Trio, Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen Quartet, Oddgeir Berg trio and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra with Marianna Sangita Røe are the Norwegian artists in Jazzahead's official showcase program this year. Norsk Jazzforum and Music Norway will as usual be present at the trade fair area.